jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

Comissió MUN


Hi! I am Míriam Juan-Torres and I’m a Law Student. I’ve only been in UNANIMUN for a year but I can  already say that my experience couldn’t have been better. The people I've met and the experiences we’ve had altogether have been great without comparison. Now I’m UNANIMUN's Second Treasurer as well as the head of the Model of United Nations' Commission. The Models are replicas of how the United Nations works through debates on topics related to international relations that can interest us all. 

As a head of the MUN's Commission, but also as a participant on the 2011 C'MUN and Euro'MUN, I’d like to encourage you to participate and be involved in the whole process of the Models of United Nations  From the beginning, trying to look at the different options; to the very last minute of the Model attended. Participating in a Model of United Nations is a very fulfilling experience that enriches one’s life, through the topics discussed and the debates, where you obviously learn a lot. Also, in a Model one gets to meet people from everywhere in the World  .

For more information or to become a member of the MUN’s Comission you can contact me here: miriamjt_13@hotmail.com or add me on facebook.

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